The Premier Startup and Venture Capital Focused Law Firm

Welcome to Kussmaul Legal, PLLC. We are a boutique law firm that has a strong focus on helping startups with all their legal and venture capital needs. We are not a small business law firm. Startups are unique, and Kussmaul Legal is well positioned to provide your startup with the highly focused and unique legal support it needs.

Practice Areas

M&A & Corporate Law

Have a letter of intent from a company wanting to buy your startup? Need to restructure your startup or correct any issues causing concern from an investor? Kussmaul Legal can handle these and other corporate governance matters for you so you can get back to what you do best; running your startup.

Startups/Emerging Companies

Starting a business to disrupt an industry? Kussmaul Legal can help you get up and running as well as provide advice to your company as it progresses from startup to world changer.

Venture Capital

Have a venture capital firm or investor interested in investing? Kussmaul Legal can help negotiate term sheets, draft deal documents, and provide practical advice to help ensure your startup gets a fair deal.